Australian social media influencers

Australias Top Social Media Influencers

10 Australian Influencers With Global Impact

It does not surprise anyone that the most popular social media influencers in Australia are female. Not only do their profiles impact Australian audiences but also affect global trends. This has not gone unnoticed by marketers who are keen to align their brands to these influencers and pay them a healthy fee to do so.

These social media creators represent a variety of categories from fashion and style to food and fitness. They display their content via Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with followers in the millions. Below is a list of the 10 most popular influencers in Australia.

1. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is the co-founder of Sweat and co-creator of the High Impact with Kayla programs. Her fitness and workout app "Sweat with Kayla" was the highest revenue-generating app in 2016. As a personal trainer, Kayla has created a series of eBooks called "Bikini Body Guide" together with a meal-planning app.
Social media followers Kayla Itsines

Australian influencer Kayla Itsines

2. Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a health and fitness expert, personal trainer and mother of two who just happens to have a community of millions of women around the world joining her on our journey to become strong and empowered. Emily's health & fitness program – Emily Skye FIT – is the culmination of years of hard work, self-discovery, entering motherhood and realising that the best thing you can be is strong and happy. Her Fit Foundation workouts, food and success. Emily has over 10 million Facebook Likes.

Social media followers Emily Skye

Emily Skye social media influencer

3. Elise Strachan

Elisa Strachan Elise Strachan is the creator of YouTube channel My CupcakeAddiction that has over 3.1 million subscribers. Emily spends her time traveling between the Gold Coast, Los Angeles and New York. Elise combines her skill as a trained pastry chef and engaging personality and is known as the “People’s Baker”. Her combined social media following is over 10 million. Her talents as a cake decorator have bought Elise a global following and she is regarded as one of the greatest food influencers.

Social media followers Elise Strachan

Elise Strachan social media influencer

4. Wendy Ayche

Wendy Ayche is known as Wengie is a YouTube sensation, vlogger and pop singer. Her YouTube audience has over 14 million subscribers. and over 1.7 billion views. Wendy created her YouTube channel Wengie in 2010 and she focuses on beauty, fashion and do-it-yourself tips. In 2016 Wengie debuted her single in China titled Baby Believe Me which reached number 6 in the charts.

Social media followers Wendy Ayche

Wendy Ayche social media influencer

5. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is an Australian YouTube beauty queen. Lauren launched her YouTube channel in 2011 which has a following 3.4 million subscribers. Lauren shares the latest in make-up, fashion and lifestyle, Lauren invites her fans into her dog-loving, plant-eating world and remains as humble and down-to-earth as she has always been. Also the host of her own podcast, ‘Mental Makeover’, Lauren shares her honest insights and advice on life in her unique, relatable, girl-next-door style.

Social media followers Lauren Curtis

6. Ethan Marrell

Ethan Marrell is well known for his YouTube Channel Ozzy Man Reviews which takes a satirical look at sport, wildlife and entertainment. The channel enjoys almost 5 million subscribers. Ethan's Facebook page also called Ozzy Man Reviews has over 11 million Likes. Ethan is a self-confessed Aussie bogan who also likes to dip his toes into standup comedy and filmmaking.

Social media followers Ethan Ozzy Man


Ethan Ozzy Man social media influencer

7. Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello is a makeup artist and one of the most influential vloggers on the planet. Chloe has millions of followers across social media platforms. Her biggest following is via her YouTube Channel Chloe Morello which has 2.7 million subscribers. Chloe uploads weekly videos on makeup, lifestyle and fashion.

Social media followers Chloe Morello

Chloe Morello social media influencer

8. Danny and Michael Philippou

Danny and Michael Philippou are Adelaide YouTube pranksters The twins from Pooraka have been running the YouTube channel 'RackaRacka' for over six years, creating skits and pranks for their 6.2 million subscribers. Their YouTube channel is called RackaRacka and satarises brands such as McDonalds. Their first huge YouTube success was Harry Potter versus Star Wars which had over 7 million views. All totalled their videoes have had over 1 billion views.

Social media followers Rackaracka

Danny and Michael Philippou social media influencers

9. Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein Jessica Stein is an Australian blogger known for sharing beautifully curated travel content on her blog Tuula, which she started in March 2010. She soon expanded into fashion and lifestyle, launched an Instagram account and began sharing content under the handle @TuulaVintage. Jessica was considered one of the first influencers to emerge from Australia. With 2.1 million followers on Instagram, she was the go-to for brands looking to extend their reach on the platform. Stein has worked for brands such as Vitamix Australia and Land Rover Australia.

Social media followers Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein social media influencer

10. Ann Reardon

Ann Reardon is the creator of How To Cook That which is a YouTube baking channel that has over 3 million subscribers. The channel has recipes on baking and decorating themed cakes, desserts, chocolate creations and other confectionery. How To Cook That was initially launched as a website in 2011. However, it was the YouTube channel that soon had 4 million followers and over 15 million views per month. Ann Reardon is the How To Cook That presenter and she has been featured on Forbes and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Social media followers Ann Reardon



Australian social media influencers

Australias Top Social Media Influencers

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